Large Print Magazines and Large Print Books

Large Print Magazines and Large Print Books for the Visually Impaired

Few experiences are as frustrating as the awareness that one’s vision is slowly but gradually deteriorating.

Large Print Magazines and Books

Large Print Magazines and Large Print Books

As I approach my sixties, small print, as found in phone books, newspapers and magazines becomes increasingly more difficult to read.

If you, like I, share this visual challenge, or you know of a loved one who has such difficulties, this site will offer several solutions for dealing with this common problem.

These include: large print magazines and large print books, E-Book readers and lighted full page magnifiers.

While there does exist a large selection of large print books from both Amazon and Abe’s Books (please see our links below) large print magazines are harder to come by.

Large print publications offered on this website include Reader’s Digest, Large Print Guidelines, and large print Circle-A-Word Puzzles.

Today, with the introduction of the Kindle reading advice, traditional hard cover and soft cover books are being replaced with virtual books.

One of the advantages of the Kindle Reader is the ability to enlarge the font size.
Please see our post and video below to learn more about the Kindle Reader and how it may be of help to you.

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Reader’s Digest Large Print Edition

Reader's Digest - Large Print Edition

Reader’s Digest – Large Print Edition

Among the most popular of large print magazines is Reader’s Digest large print edition.

Reader’s Digest  Large Print Edition is an exact duplicate of the original magazine and is published in large type for an easy-to-read experience.

Offering the same content as the primary publication, Reader’s Digest is the number one selling consumer magazine with a circulation of over 10 million copies in the United States alone.

Reader’s Digest offers articles of general-interest, touching on topics including health, politics, entertainment, art, and current events.

It is a feel-good publication that offers its loyal and dedicated readers inspiring human-interest stories that embrace the humor in everyday life.

It’s richness and diversity of writing have established Reader’s Digest as America’s most widely read magazine.

The following review is typical of the positive feedback shared by satisfied readers.

Thank you Reader’s Digest!,
October 23, 2008
Reviewer: Stevie
I bought my mom a subscription to Reader’s Digest – Large Print Edition last Mother’s Day, and she still thanks me every month for how much she continues to love her gift! Reader’s Digest was always her favorite magazine to read, but as she has gotten older her eyesight has worsened and she would have to strain to see the content in the small version. She loves reading this magazine’s large print edition with ease, and appreciates the articles and photos now more than ever.

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Click Here To Subscribe To Reader’s Digest Large Print Edition 

Guideposts Large Print Edition

Guideposts is an inspiring publication that motivates and guides millions of people on how to live a happy and meaningful life.

Guideposts - Large Print

Guideposts – Large Print Edition

Each monthly issue is filled with uplifting articles and first-person stories written by people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

The publication is designed to inspire and nurture the personal growth and spiritual aspirations of the magazine’s dedicated and loyal readers.

Each issue regularly features articles that show you how to balance your faith and values with the  challenges of everyday life.

Guideposts serves as a resource to nurture your inner spiritual qualities and encourage you to reach out to others.

The cover stories of each monthly issue highlight a well known personality. Guideposts magazine has been a wellspring of faith and inspiration to millions of Americans for over sixty years.

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Click here to subscribe to Guideposts Large Print Edition

Circle-A-Word Puzzles Large Print Edition

Circle-A-Word Puzzles Large Print Edition

Circle A Word Puzzles

Circle A Word Puzzles

Circle-A-Word Puzzles Large Print Edition offers an abundance of over 100 exciting puzzles in an easy-to-read sized font in every issue!

Every puzzle in the publication will satisfy your craving for a fun and stimulating challenge, keeping your mind sharp and entertained.

Circle A Word Puzzles – Large Print Edition is so enjoyable it will keep you working and involved until you find the leftover letters needed to solve the puzzle.

Whether you are an avid puzzle fanatic searching for your next mental challenge or a casual gamer looking for a relaxing pastime, Circle-A-Word Puzzles Large Print Edition is certain to offer something that will fit your level of play.

Because the publication is offered to you by Kappa Publishers, the world’s leading puzzle publishers, it is guaranteed that there are puzzles of both quality and quantity in Circle A Word Puzzles Large Print Edition!

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Kindle Reader

The Kindle Reader may very well be one the most important tools of the decade for the visually impaired.

By offering adjustable text size, as well as access to unlimited publications and books, the Kindle Wireless Reading Device has restored the enjoyment of reading to those who had almost given up hope.

Kindle has eight adjustable font sizes and three different fonts to suit your reading preference.

Kindle Reader

Kindle Reader

You can increase the text size of your favorite book or magazine with the push of a button.

If your eyes tire, simply increase the font size and continue reading comfortably.

Now every book and magazine in your library can be large print.

In addition, the Kindle offers a text to speech feature. This means, if you don’t feel like reading, touch a button and an audio voice will read the book to you!


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Lighted Full Page Magnifier – See the Difference for Yourself

I would be amiss if I neglected to mention one more essential tool for making reading easier.

That is the lighted full page magnifier.

Lighted Full Page Magnifier

Lighted Full Page Magnifier

You probably know from personal experience that when direct light is focused on a page, it’s easier to distinguish the letters and read.

Even more so when the page is magnified.

Imagine bringing the forces of specialized lighting and magnification together.

Reading without eye strain once again becomes possible.

There are several models available, each with it’s unique benefits and advantages.

The top of the line, however, is the 2.5X Lighted Full Page Magnifier with Flexible Neck Floor Stand.

Here’s why.

This one-of-a-kind magnifying floor lamp combines powerful FULL PAGE magnification with flexible ability to adjust the light’s angle and most important shines clear, even light.

Twelve high-powered LEDs provide ample light for close work and reading.

The ultra-flexible gooseneck brings the light exactly where you need it – adjust it high, adjust it low, adjust it all around — to exactly the right angle for your viewing.


Illuminates a full page without glare or hotspots.

Fully adjustable–high, low and all around.

Easy big-button on/off.

Super-large lens provides 2.5x magnification.

Large, strong handle for easy maneuverability.

12 high-powered LEDs.

Magnifier is not battery operated–AC only. UL listed. Measures 42″ H x 10-1/2″ L x 9″ W.

See below for a brief video demonstration.

Notice the difference in their clarity when they apply the Lighted Full Page Magnifier.

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